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Pioneer Youth Corps of Oregon Inc. *Web site

The Pioneer Youth Corps is a not for profit education management organization that provides academic courses and leadership training to middle and high school aged students who perform better in a more structured environment than traditional school setting.

The Pioneer Youth Corps provides the staffing and program for the Willamette Leadership Academy, a fully accredited military charter school. WLA is reviewed and accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities and under the laws of the State of Oregon and the rules of the Oregon Department of Education.  PYCO has been accredited through NWSCU since 1998.  PYCO is also a TIER-ONE school which means that our high school diplomas are accepted by all branches of the US Armed Forces.   PYCO sponsored academies are not boot camps and are not affiliated with any branch of the US Armed Services nor are they affiliated with any JROTC program. 


Would you like to see a PYCO Academy developed in your community? PYCO is committed to challanging middle and high school aged students anyplace we are needed.  If you are interested in learning more about developing a PYCO Academy in your community or state please contact the Corps office at (541) 541 246 2840, or through the WLA page on Facebook.

Willamette Leadership Academy is enrolling for the Academy year. Enrollment for the current year usually does not close until April.  See the Academy link for more information.    

*NOTE: The Pioneer Youth Corps of Oregon Inc. and all its programs and materials are copy right protected and may not be used without the permission of the PYCO Inc. CEO or it's Board of Directors.  The PYCO and WLA logos are registered trademarks.


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